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Becoming a Professional Member of the Association of Planning Engineers is globally recognised to confirm you are competent to carry out the tasks and responsibilities of a certified planning engineer within your sector pathway.

In the world, there are more than 650,000 planning professionals currently practicing in the industries, including construction, business, finance, IT, architecture and town planning. The APE is a leading body, offering professional standards and competencies to develop your planning career with great professionalism and expertise. The best pathway for this membership is by first becoming a Professional Review Candidate which will help you to progress as an Associate member, then a Professional member.

The APE promotes all Associate members to become full members when they display enough industry experience to complete their Professional Review. The are many routes to become a Professional Member of APE. The route of your membership depends on your qualifications and experience from the industry in which you are currently practicing, for example, construction. Non-professional grade members of the APE, whether they are an Associate member or a Professional Review Candidate, need to upgrade to become Professional member without delay to make the most of their planning career.

The APE accepts applications every month for their panel meeting which will be in the first Wednesday of every month. You are required to submit a minimum of two weeks before the meeting in order to be considered for review that month. When becoming a Professional Member, you will enjoy all benefits that the Association offers that can be accessed throughout your membership. Furthermore, MCPENG is a recognised title you can use next to your name to confirm you are a certified planning engineer, increase your employment opportunities and demonstrate your professional success. You will be able to network with like-minded professionals during your membership with APE and expand your career along the way.

Throughout the coaching programme, you can expect our assistance on Assessment of Competence.  This programme will consist of 6-8 weeks of live-online coaching sessions to help you complete your Assessment of Competence with our assessor who is familiar with APE requirements. The College will assist you in submitting your final assessment to the APE in order to become a Professional Member (MCPENG).

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