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CIOB Chartered Membership Programme June 2023

The Chartered Membership Programme offers you a great opportunity to become MCIOB.  The CMP is designed for individuals with relevant experience who have non-recognised qualifications.  This course also provides competency skills that allow you to start your career as a Construction or Project Manager. It is widely aimed at professionals who are working in the industry and have a significant level of experience.

Becoming MCIOB, will enhance your career prospects and lay the path to a prosperous career in the real estate and construction industries.

The course content provides you with thorough knowledge and essential skills to work as a successful Construction or Project Management professional who will play a key role in multi-million dollar projects to mitigate loss and maximise profit.

The course provides detailed subject knowledge and will help you to become a leader in construction. Therefore this course is the right choice if you wish to increase your salary and career prospects.

Course Curriculum

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  • 10 Weeks



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