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First aid is a highly important skill to learn for a whole range of situations, particularly in the workplace. Emergency situations must be dealt with quickly and effectively, therefore having experience is vital. This CPD first aid course will provide you with the basic skills you need to react to an emergency. Moreover, this will give you the confidence and skills to respond calmly and effectively to unprecedented situations.

It is vitally important to have up to date knowledge on the best practices in first aid. This CPD course will qualify you in workplace first aid.

Moreover, experts in first aid will lead your teaching process. You will learn areas such as resuscitation, illnesses, injuries and the steps to take when an accident or incident occurs. Furthermore, you will be taught on some of the most common injuries that occur at work.

Online lectures deliver this CPD course. The lectures are recorded for your ease of access. Therefore, you will be able to revisit the materials to refresh your memory when you wish. By the end of the CPD you will feel confident in your ability to be assigned to a first aid role at work and take responsibility of emergencies. Moreover, many employers seek to employ those with first aid training so that they do not have to spend extra time and money training you in this area. Therefore, this CPD will add a desirable aspect to your CV.

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