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ICE Professional Review Coaching

Our ICE Professional Review Coaching Service will be delivered through live online sessions. This allows you to ask questions and discuss topics with your UK based coach, as you would in a physical classroom. The lectures are held at weekends to fit around your work, but we also record all the lessons so that you can catch up or re-watch them at any time through our Moodle (virtual study platform). This coaching is for those who wish to become CEng MICE or IEng MICE and wish to receive guidance throughout the Mentor Supported Training, Career Appraisal and Professional Review process.

You will be coached by a senior member of ICE who will sign your application as your counsellor. Your coaching will consist of:

  1. Induction Meeting and Sponsor Support.
  2. Course on ICE Attributes (20 formal CPD hours) which will help you to write your Professional Review Report.
  3. Review of your submissions, including the PR Report and Career Appraisal if applicable.
  4. Two mock interviews with feedback and necessary guidance.

For more details, please follow this link

You must confirm your eligibility for the Professional Review whether CEng MICE or IEng MICE with ICE directly. Our fee does not include any costs for the ICE registration or subscription.

You are more than welcome to join our coaching service even if you were previously unsuccessful, as long as ICE has confirmed your eligibility.

If you are ready to enrol, please contact us on enquiries@theccm.co.uk or 01420 481681

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