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The ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) offers a range of different memberships. For those wishing to become CEng MICE or IEng MICE, the ICE Professional Review is the final stage in the application process. There are three different types of Professional Review. These types are the Chartered Professional Review (CPR), Member Professional Review (MPR) and the Chartered Professional Review Progressive (CPRP).

The CPR is for those wishing to obtain CEng MICE as a Chartered Engineer. The MPR is for those wishing to become MICE or IEng MICE as an Incorporated Engineer registered with the Engineering Council. Finally, the CPRP is for those already IEng MICE who want to become CEng MICE. We have developed a coaching service that will help guide individuals through the process of obtaining membership and is for those who are taking any of the above said Professional Review. In addition, the coaching service is delivered by ICE recognised reviewers who are experts in the field. These coaches will prepare you for the ICE Professional Review Process and ensure you feel confident at every stage.

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  • £149.00 per 6 months / month for 6 months and a £470.00 sign-up fee
  • 25 Weeks

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