FIDIC stands for Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils (International Federation of Consulting Engineers). The FIDIC organisation introduced forms of construction contract in 1957 and operates worldwide in over 100 countries as the main form of contract. These contracts provide an industry standard for projects and conditions within construction. Management of risk is a key factor in ensuring projects run efficiently from start to finish, and following specific contracts is a great way to do so. You’ll learn about extensions of time claims, administrative duties and dispute resolution practices. Therefore, having expert knowledge of these FIDIC contracts is a great way to develop your professional knowledge and expertise within the field.

This course from the College of Contract Management will cover all six forms of FIDIC contract and will focus on dispute management and relevant construction laws throughout the contractual process. The six main FIDIC contracts will be reviewed in depth and how to practically apply these contracts to dispute management.

This course will take approximately 3-4 months to complete and will be delivered through live online lectures by industry professionals. You’ll have an assessment after each module to ensure your understanding. This is a recognised British qualification which will provide you with excellence to further your career in the construction industry and is tailored for those working in contract or project management as a contractor or sub-contractor.  You’ll understand the guidelines and practices needed for quality operations and regulations within the specific contract. Overall, the course will provide a sense of accomplishment and opportunity to increase career prospects and professional knowledge in a flexible and innovative online environment.

Course Content

  1. Module FiC810 – Expert Level Professional Practice – Part 1
  2. Module FiC820 – Expert Level Professional Practice – Part 2

Schedule – Module FiD810

Saturday 13th June (5pm – 6pm UK): Introduction

Saturday 20th June (5pm – 7pm UK): 1st Lecture

Saturday 27th June (5pm – 7pm UK): 2nd Lecture

Saturday 4th July (5pm – 7pm UK):  3rd Lecture

Saturday 11th July  (5pm – 7pm UK): 4th Lecture

Saturday 18th July (5pm – 7pm UK): 5th Lecture

Saturday 25th July  (5pm – 7pm UK): 6th Lecture

Saturday 1st August (5pm – 7pm UK): 7th Lecture

Course Curriculum

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