Quantum Analysis

The Professional Diploma in Forensic Quantum Analysis is a new and exciting course which will help you on your career pathway to becoming a Quantum Expert. This is a career which focuses on the financial repercussions of delays, complications and obstacles which arise when completing a construction project. Generally, there is a skills shortage in qualified quantum analysts, meaning this course will give you a huge advantage in the industry. You will understand and identify claims and their contractual repercussions and how best to quantify the losses caused. Financial estimations and calculations will be needed to analyse costs within the claims process lifecycle.

At the beginning of the construction process, contracts will be exchanged to prepare in the event of delays or financial losses. The contracts will usually outline the procedures to follow should further mediation of legal action be needed. A quantum analyst will work alongside expert witnesses, and delay analysts in order to calculate effective solutions in relation to the incurred costs. Costs can include damage or unsafe materials, time delays leading to increased labour and overtime costs, client compensation, breaching of contracts and many others. These incurred costs will have a knock-on effect for the final budgets of the project. It is the quantum analyst’s job to understand and refine the data needed for financial evidence.

This course is approximately 6 months long and you will be taught by industry professionals. At the end of each module, you will complete an assignment to prove your understanding of the topics and content covered. Our live-online teaching methods will allow you to interact with your lecturers and coursemates as you would in a real university. This is a great way to ask questions and engage with the course in the same way you would with traditional education. At the end of the course, you will be qualified for an exciting new career as a Quantum Analyst.

Course Content

Unit 1: Quantum Determination

Unit 2: Quantum Analysis

Unit 3: The Use of Forensic Quantum Analysis by an Expert Witness

Course Schedule

Monday 22nd June (7pm – 8:15pm UK) – Induction

Saturday 8th August (4pm – 6pm UK) – 1st Lecture

Saturday 15th August (5pm – 7pm UK) – 2nd Lecture

Saturday 22nd August (5pm – 7pm UK) – 3rd Lecture

Saturday 29th August (5pm – 7pm UK) – 4th Lecture

Saturday 12th September (5pm – 7pm UK) – 5th Lecture

Thursday 17th September (5pm – 7pm UK) – 6th Lecture

Saturday 19th September (5pm – 7pm UK) – 7th Lecture

Course Curriculum

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