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Professional Diploma in Forensic Schedule (or Delay) Analysis is a leading programme only offered by the College of Contract Management in the United Kingdom. This is a post-graduate level Professional Diploma delivered by live online lectures so you can take it from you anywhere if you have got a computer/tab and good internet connection. We wouldn’t recommend mobile phone internet connection rather than the landline or wifi connection.

The live online sessions are the best distance leading option because you or lecturer can ask questions during the session such a classroom session via voice. The live online session has a special feature to communicate via chat if anyone doesn’t like to ask questions via voice.

If you missed any live lectures or need to catch up, you can get them recordings through the College of contract Management’s Moodle (Virtual Study Portal) www.uniccm.com

The course content total of 4 modules with practical examples and will be taught by the industrial specialist who has several years of industrial experience.

If you have questions regarding the course or enrolment please visit our main webpage www.theccm.co.uk

Alternatively, if you require course details please click the Professional Diploma in Forensic Schedule Analysis Course information. You may contact the college via chat through visiting our website or telephone on +44(0) 1420 481681 or enquiries@theccm.co.uk

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  • 100 Weeks



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