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Forensic Structural Engineering is the study and investigation into the failure of structures. This area of engineering is highly beneficial to the construction industry. This is because the expert knowledge of problems within structures allows construction companies to overcome issues. Moreover, forensic engineering experts are able to use these skills to mitigate losses and ensure the widespread efficiency and safety of the project. In addition, forensic structural engineers are commonly used to investigate the causes of the failure of a structure, whether that be during a project or after it has been completed. By determining the cause, claims that arise from the failure can be appropriately settled. In addition to the forensic engineer role being used to find solutions for failures, they are often sought as expert witnesses. They can use their expertise in court proceedings to help settle a case with the relevant evidence.

Moreover, there has been increased interest in this area, however, there is still a skills gap. Taking this course will allow you to enter this industry field and fill that skills gap. Further, it is delivered on weekends and evenings. This means that you can take the course in your spare time. This means it is an excellent course to take if you already work as an engineer full time and would like to advance your skills.

The College of Contract Management also offers an Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering. This forensic course will incorporate some elements of this course, however, it will be specialised in forensics.

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