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CIOB Professional Review Coaching Service




What do you need to enrol?

Becoming MCIOB requires both practical and academic knowledge, meaning that both your work and academic experience is relevant. If you have a relevant BSc, you will need to also have 3 years of relevant experience to qualify for the PR. If you do not possess a relevant degree, then you will need both 5 years of relevant experience and to first complete our Chartered Membership Programme (CMP), which is designed to supplement the PR. These are quite demanding requirements, but that is part of the point – MCIOB is a designation that demonstrates skill and knowledge and so should not be easy to obtain.

The online sessions take place over a weekend, with two sessions of approximately two hours each. They are given live over the internet, using the College’s meeting software, so all you need to participate is somewhere reasonably quiet, a computer, headphones or speakers, and a good internet connection.

Once the sessions are done, in order to fill out the application you will need a computer and a significant amount of time, as the questions you will need to answer are very in-depth and require detailed examples from your own career. The process does also require somebody who can verify your identity and competence – preferably either our line manager or somebody who is already a member of the CIOB or a similar body.

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