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Level 2. Certificate in Principles of Business Administration




Online Programme

Level 2. Certificate in Principles of Business Administration – £539
RQF (Government registered course)
Part Time Course
You can learn whilst you are working


Level 2 is suitable for learners aged 16 and above. It is perfect for learners who wish to pursue a career in business administration, a career with many exciting opportunities. They will learn how to manage information and support events. They will be able to find a rewarding position in a variety of industries and job roles.

The course is designed to help you become a highly skilled professional. The course content provides you with a thorough knowledge, and the essential skills and talents to work successfully in a highly skilled role in business administration.

This well-established qualification is set to level 2 and gives learners skills to study independently and develop excellent organisational skills preparing them for a career in business administration.

This course is the right choice if you wish to work as a highly skilled individual in a business environment.

This qualification helps learners to develop knowledge and skills that employers look for when filling a job role. The skills range from familiar ‘essential skills’ like team work, independent learning and problem solving, to more complex skills such as:

  • Understanding work practices and how different roles and departments function within an organisation.
  • Personal manners and appropriate behaviour
  • Professional dress code and office/business etiquette
  • Business-like interpersonal skills
  • Professional & appropriate communication skills
  • Supporting colleagues
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