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Managing Projects with JCT Contracts




This short course will train you of the principles and responsibilities imposed by law, codes of practice and other regulations appropriate to your area of practice.

Through a combination of online lectures, lecture materials and assessments, course participants will be able to understand different parties’ duty, contractual entitlements, claim opportunities, mitigation of damages and other worst scenarios, in your area of practice.

The course lectures will be conducted by Senior Contract Managers who have expertise in JCT contracts and extensive experience as general contractors.

CPD Hours

This course will assist you with gaining your CPD hours. If you are hoping to become a chartered member of any professional institutions, you will be required records of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that you keep records of time spent accumulating CPD hours. The course carries 20 CPD hours which will count towards your Continuing Professional Development. You will be received a signed Certificate at the end of your successful assessment that includes CPD hours.


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